Sporting Events


If you are looking for a hands-on, dynamic, fast-paced and physical activity with a great deal of brand awareness for your high-performance staff, this is your route. Since the very beginning of our romance with Team Building and Incentive Events, Sports have been at the core of many proposals, offering thrilling and inspiring ideas for the active client.

Whether you are thinking about a Team Building or an Incentive Event, sports offer endless options. We can strictly organize and reproduce any athletic tournament, or we can customize it to your companyʼs needs in a more flexible and friendly way. It is both the perfect platform for team development or as an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

In the past, we have organized a large variety of sport related events such as Sailing Regattas, regular and beach Soccer Tournaments, Beach Volley tournaments, Golfing Seminars, Fishing Trips, Night and Day Orienteering, Corporate Olympic Games and more! Let us know your preferences and weʼll make it happen!