Scavenger and Treasure Hunts


Treasure Hunts are excellent way to complement a conference or convention, both as an introduction or wrap up activity. Our programs help people interact in a social setting that rewards cooperation and teamwork. It’s the perfect combination of intellectual effort and workout, bringing out each team player’s knowledge and personality while offering an intense and challenging experience.

Organized into teams, Treasure Hunters must pool their knowledge, skills and insights to solve a variety of challenging puzzles and questions as teams race against time (and other teams) to solve the clues and visit each of the mystery locations.

This is a great option for larger cities with big groups or even retreat locations with specialized teams. This activity familiarizes participants with the history, geography and resources of your chosen location.

Our Scavenger Hunts have different levels of technological development. From our Photo Rallies to our GeoCaching urban adventures This challenges will test various skills: map reading, knowledge of popular culture, current events or literature, crossword puzzle solving, code-breaking and architectural observation.

READY, SET….. GO!!!!