Team building

MOTIVAʼs unique team building programs are the ultimate way to motivate and inspire your team. The sky is the limit when it comes to our variety of over 125 proven pre-designed events or work with us to perfect a one-of-a-kind custom program.



A Team Building exercise unfolds its true benefits and potential when its participants are in the right spirit and mindset. Your team is unique. Over our 8 years working with a variety of companies we have conceptualized over 50 different short exercises to suit every team and start your event off right. A combination of […]

Sporting Events

If you are looking for a hands-on, dynamic, fast-paced and physical activity with a great deal of brand awareness for your high-performance staff, this is your route. Since the very beginning of our romance with Team Building and Incentive Events, Sports have been at the core of many proposals, offering thrilling and inspiring ideas for […]

Scavenger and Treasure Hunts

Treasure Hunts are excellent way to complement a conference or convention, both as an introduction or wrap up activity. Our programs help people interact in a social setting that rewards cooperation and teamwork. It’s the perfect combination of intellectual effort and workout, bringing out each team player’s knowledge and personality while offering an intense and […]

Musically Inspired

The language of Music is International and crosses all frontiers. We understand Music in its wider sense and adapt every side of the Music “Polyhedron” to your Team Building project. We are all creative, we just need to exercise that muscle! We have a wide array of events related to the power of sound, dance […]

Culturally Inspired

All of us here at Motiva Events are avid travelers and very appreciative of the worldʼs richness. We believe firmly in the popular “six degrees of separation” theory. In fact we believe on the “4 or even 3 degrees of separation”. The world is becoming more and more globalized and its people are spreading and […]


In a High Tech, networked world we need to be on top of the technological advances. We need to be familiar with the newest gadgets available and learn how to integrate all of it in our events. We know that there is a whole generation (and we include ourselves in it) that lives in symbiosis […]