Recommendation from Shawn Schindler, Your Special Day Events.

Shawn Schindler

Shawn Schindler, with Your Special Day Events, a Raleigh based event-planning firm specializing in high-profile and corporate events, knows that team building is more than just a way to spice up a meeting, retreat, or holiday party.

“I have clients from big multinationals to local businesses and clubs asking for Team building,” Shindler said, “not just as a great way to help let off a little steam, but to actually accomplish something legitimate. It’s a great way to break up a long day of meetings. That’s why I love working with MOTIVA – they know what we need as planners because they respond immediately and send over quotes very quickly and within budget. I know I can relax because I trust them. They’re very thorough, professional, and with a special eye for detail – that makes it easier on us and our end client.”

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