Pick & Play!


When it comes to a organizing a rewarding experience for the people whose hard work has turned your organization into a success, it is not about anything else but giving your staff a good time! We know it because weʼve seen it!

With our “Pick & Play” concept we offer a selection of sporty and fun activities tailored to the group and venue of choice. Your group will be invited to participate at their own pace, being able to choose any of the suggested activities at any time.

Imagine we are close to a beach or lake, your team could freely choose to try sports like Stand Up Paddle boards, windsurfs, beach volley fields, a banana boat or ski boat, even professional physiotherapists could be there for short treatments. All of these activities are supervised by experienced monitors that are going to ensure fun and security. Top it up with optional food and drinks for everyone and you have a dream day everyone will enjoy.