Incentive events

What better way to reward your team for a job well done than by sharing a memorable experience together? While a memento may remain on a shelf, a shared experience will leave a lasting impact personally and professionally.


Company Fun Days

We want to offer you the option to turn your own company facilities (or a venue of your choice) into the ultimate private playground. This concept will offer you a huge potential for corporate personalization, customization and opportunities to reflect your companyʼs philosophy and brand awareness. We will set up all kinds of spectacular interactive […]

Pick & Play!

When it comes to a organizing a rewarding experience for the people whose hard work has turned your organization into a success, it is not about anything else but giving your staff a good time! We know it because weʼve seen it! With our “Pick & Play” concept we offer a selection of sporty and […]

Themed Parties

Are you thinking about throwing a partya anyone branches… for the valuable and unique group of people that has helped your organization succeed? We are here to help you in the process to design and implement the best party you can imagine! We can help whether you are having a Holiday, Sales, Sport related party […]