Corporate Retreats

Our corporate retreats enable your team to step outside their 9-5 routine and into a fresh environment. Fostering new levels of focus and camaraderie, they are the perfect mix of constructive workshops, Team Building activities and good healthy fun.


Charitable / Social Awareness

Socially conscious companies want to be active in their communities and tie their Team Building activities or Incentive Events to a social or charitable cause. We at Motiva Events llc are highly aware of this fact and transcendental implications of helping those in needed. We advocate with the example volunteering at Urban Ministries of Wake […]

Team Building Retreats

For those of you who always go the extra mile. A Team Building retreat offers a long lasting experience for your team. It consist of a 2 to 3 day stages where the participants will co-habitat and exponentially extend the benefits of the Team Building exercises. We put together great programs that combine classic and […]

Incentive Retreats

We know the days of service awards and giving out company coffee mugs are over. To truly engage people you need to motivate and recognize them. But a program is only as good as its strategy and the tools to implement it. We can arrange a getaway to an exciting destination as a reward for […]